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Laser galvanometer image distortion correction : SLA and engraving

This website is developed to streamline the correction of laser glavanometer projection distortion. Go to our "About" page to learn more.
This solution can help reduse galvanometer distortion found in additive manufacturing and laser engraving.

Main Solution

If you are new to this website, go to the page below first.

Click this link to be taken to the calibration set generation page

After all the calculations are finished, the corrected .gcode file will be automatically downloaded onto your computer in a zip folder.

The process may take a while, so as long as you do not receive a message saying there was an error, please do not refresh your page.

If you would like to test the BGR thresholds for your calibration photos, please click the link below.

BGR Threshold Test

If you have already run this page for a machine and have the correctedGcodes---.csv file, go to the page linked below to correct with the csv file.

Calibration with CSV file


Our solution is in testing phase. We recommend you only use the 10mm grid spaces tests to create your calibration

To make our solution as best as possible we are asking that you submit an email with your submission. You will get a confirmation email and we will follow up with you.

Thank you for using our solution!

Image Correction Input